How to Choose the Best Swimsuit for Travel

How to Choose the Best Swimsuit for Travel

Great swimwear is one of the most important items you can have in your suitcase, no matter where your travels may take you. If thoughts of booking a flight to a faraway sunny destination are coupled with the task of finding the perfect swimwear to accompany said destination, look no further.


We got your beautiful bod ‘covered.’


Swimwear for Travel


You want something that is lightweight, takes up a minuscule amount of room in your suitcase, dries quickly, and (most importantly) looks fantastic on you. But finding such a diamond in the rough can prove tricky. 


It may feel as though you are forced to choose between comfort and style – we’ve all been there. That elusive combination is tough to come by, but the clean lines and flattering silhouettes of our easy-wearing swimsuits are great for many body types. 


Perhaps it is a magical escape to Maui? Or a whimsical jaunt through the Amalfi coast wearing an alluring yet shape-complimenting bikini? Whatever floats your boat, there are plenty of amazing locales in which to escape and the perfect swimsuit for you to complement the destination.


Not sure which sunny destination to head to? Let your favorite swimsuit aid in your decision.


Miami Screams Neon


An urban oasis such as sunny Miami is on many a beachgoer’s list. Get on the bandwagon by choosing a travel swimsuit to bring on the ritz and glitz of southern Florida. The art deco architecture of Miami encourages the beachgoer to release their inner maximalist with neon colors that are sure to turn heads on the beach.


Bali Loves Vibrancy


Visit any Balinese city and discover a magical adventure, but also feast on the vibrant colors of what people wear, both in the city and on the beaches. The area’s rich culture and history match the beautiful colors and wearing bold solids fits the bill. Pair it with one of our print wrap pant coverups for extra flair. 


Beautiful White in Crete or the Maldives


With its pristine pink sand shores, wearing white on the island of Crete is a given and you don’t have to worry about getting dirty in the sand. With more than 100 Blue Flag beaches, these notably clean waterfronts and rustic simplicity is the perfect complement to your white or neutral swimwear. 


Additionally, the Maldives is a place to truly relax and is another amazing place for breaking out the white or light-colored swimwear. Then add a pop of color with a skirt coverup.


Swimwear in Europe


Go to almost any European beach and you’ll find far more bikinis than one-piece swimwear. Bikinis are it, no matter what your age, size, or shape. Body positivity is a thing, my friends, and Europeans scream it loud and proud with this popular choice of swimwear.


Bikinis are also lightweight, come in many solids and prints, and even better, you can mix and match tops and bottoms! Secondly, they offer more freedom of movement for swimming and other water sports. 


Our secret life hack? Bikini bottoms can double as normal underwear in a pinch. Perfect for when you’re traveling and run out of clean underwear for whatever reason! 


Want to stand out from the crowd? Our modern one-piece suits will do just that. Browse our line of versatile swimwear and find your perfect match.

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